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About Us

Hi, Welcome to (Honesty Sales Ltd) Edwin & Margaret ( E & M) 

 is a business that started in February 2015. Started by a husband and wife, Edwin & Margaret. The company was initially started in order to carry out freelance works, but after some time and during the pandemic, we decided to aid and be part of the solution of alleviating people of the stress of the pandemic, by getting items urgently needed to people in their homes, therefore we decided to add e-commerce.

The introduction of e-commerce as part of our business also provided a job for Margaret who then was at home during the pandemic. Over the course of time, we realised that this was something that we would like to do. We enjoyed the customer interaction, getting to know a lot of people on a personal level. We become not only sellers of goods but also, a channel of advice and comfort, our nature as to the way we dealt with customers made us a lot of friends.

Due to the personal relationship we began having with customers, we decided to only provide the best service and the best of products to our customers. Nevertheless, there are times when our best was not enough due to circumstances beyond our control but in times like these, we made those circumstances as stepping stones to even perform better.

Our Products

We source our products from local suppliers, making sure our products are genuine and top-notch. We aim to help our local economy because we strongly believe that a strong local economy means happy people. 


Our computers are mostly ex-demo computers. Ex-demo computers are ‘’as new’’ computers but cheaper. They are usually ex-display computers. 

Using ex-demo hp computers helps the environment and also saves you money. They come with the same warranty as a new computer.

Clothing & Accessories

70% of our clothing comes from local warehouses.

As a young business, we may not get everything right but we always endeavour to reach for the best. We are learning and eventually, we will be having our own clothing brands. Please look out for this.


98% of our groceries come from local suppliers, and only 2% come from Africa, Asia and the West Indies as we have tried to satisfy all our customers.

Health & Beauty

We tend to listen to our customers a lot and therefore we provide the best when it comes to cosmetics. Natural and best are our health and beauty products. None like it anywhere.


Delivery costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We use Royal Mail, Parcel Force and DHL for our deliveries. When it comes to deliveries, we always try to go beyond expectations, although sometimes, we get disappointed by the couriers we use. Still, in all these, we endeavour to rectify whatever issue that may arise. 


We have a 30-day returns policy. Within 30 days, you can return your item whatever the reason may be but items are supposed to be in their original packaging and sealed.

Returns Exceptions - We do not accept returns on food items and medications. Also, a 30% restocking fee will be applied to computer returns without any issue. 


We hope you enjoy your time on our site and please don’t go without buying anything and you won't regret doing so. Our service to you always comes with extras.

Thank you and please buy with absolute confidence.

Edwin & Margaret

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